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Written by Lydia Graham and Chelsey Knyff

Co-edited by Allison Raymond and Emily Wilson

Interviewee: T J Jorgensen, Owner of
TJ21 Media in Indiana


Writing is an art of Human Communication that paints pages with symbols deep with meaning. Writing systems are not themselves human languages; they are means of rendering a language into a form that can be reconstructed by other humans separated by time and space.

Writing is many things. It can be artful poetry, fiction, essays, informative and so much more. Writing is just a way to weave your thoughts into words for the world to see. Finding your style and understanding what makes you different is key. This will help you stand out amongst your competitors.


The four P’s of storytelling are people, place, plot, and purpose. If you know how to manipulate these things effectively, you are off to a great start, and the marketing of your writing will be a breeze! Your writing style is your unique way of using the written word to speak freely on your ideas and thoughts.

An author or writer develops their voice, personality, and overall tone by applying elements of themself into their story. Having a unique style will help you to stand out among your contemporaries. The most beautiful things in life are often the most unique, after all.

Before one can begin to write they need to understand the message they want to convey and why they want to convey it. Once they know this, distinguishing a target audience becomes much easier. Branding yourself as a writer is as important as any other entity or company.

Your brand is your way to fluff up those peacock feather and strut your stuff! Your brand is who you are and what you stand for. Think about your brand as your signature. One example is share something special about yourself that people will recognize you by. Your brand makes you unique in the vast sea of other writers.


Your target audience is the audience you intend to reach. This is the group of readers that you want to read your works and are looking for your information. Are you writing for children, academics, stay-at-home moms? Your writing will transform for each different target audience.

In the world of Digital and Content Marketing, expertise is what will make you shine. Knowing your strengths and who you are as a writer shows potential clients that you know how to create great works of writing. Having a niche allows you to hone your skills in a particular area which will further develop that knowledge and make you more valuable to future and current clients.

A Must Have in Today's Business World

Digital Marketing is the most direct way for showcasing and growing a brand. An effective marketing plan can boost a person or company’s presence, generate sales, and showcase professional expertise in a way that more traditional methods such as newspaper ads cannot. Think of ways to connect and converse with your target audience. A couple of examples could be surveys, messaging on social channels or join writing groups to see what people are talking about and join the conversation.

According to T J Jorgensen of TJ21 Media located in Indiana, “If a business is not utilizing the digital space, they will not make it in today’s business world.” He goes on to give examples of channels he is currently using such as YouTube, Vimeo, Social Media, his custom website as well as paid advertising methods. He is successful on Facebook, LinkedIn and Vimeo and has the reviews from delighted customers as evidence.

People may think it is hard to market themselves as a writer and, based off the comfort of a person’s technological skills, it can be intimidating. Think about the first time you sat down and wrote something. It may have seemed hard, but you pushed through! Think of digital marketing as that same journey, however your path is lit for you.

There are step-by-step tutorials for setting up social accounts, websites, landing pages, and whatever else you may need across the web. There are communities online such as Facebook groups or blogs where professionals share information about how to get started and create content. These are the lanterns along this marketing journey that will light your way!


  • Website/blog – Creating a website and optimizing it to show up on popular search engines like Google are very important because you want to be found. Search engine optimization is the strategy of using Keywords. These keywords connect you to search engines, so people on the internet can easily find you. 
  • Social Media – Social media is difficult to avoid. Facebook alone as over 1.86 Billion active daily users. Everyone and their grandma seem to have one or more accounts. This is an easy and free way to connect to your consumers. Informational videos, graphics, written content, and cool headers make it easier to for you to reach you target audience. When used effectively, hashtags are social media’s unique SEO strategy.  When a consumer puts in a keyword that matches the hashtag, your information comes up right in their feed.
  • Put your Name Everywhere – Almost everyone still sends emails. Add your signature with your website and links to your social pages. Make sure you add a contact section and links on everything you can. This will allow the consumer to link back to your website. The more coverage you have and connections throughout your sites, the better your brand will be known!
  • Publish Online – Whether you go through a publisher or self-publish, take this step. This will not only set you apart as having published articles or books, but it also builds up your portfolio of professional work. Many online journals will allow you to publish work at no cost. The more your name is out there, the more successful you can be.  One great way to do this is to network on channels such as LinkedIn and Alignable.   LinkedIn is known to connect business to business and Alignable is a smaller version of LinkedIn. 
  • Landing page – Like a website, a landing page can be used to showcase portfolio of work.  You can have your website link at the top or bottom of your landing page.  These fun and easy to design pages can be built through online tools such as, or and can be free or paid.  Think of it as the direct way to showcase specific details information about you as a writer.
  • Free content – Get people hooked on your writing style with free content. Giving away free books will prompt them to also purchase your writing, future books, articles and more. Think of this as a showcase or a preview of your writing to your audience.  By getting your customers hooked for free, they will come back for more and pay for it! 
  • Book trailer (video) – Similar to a movie trailer, a book trailer can get people excited for what is to come.  It is a preview of what is to come or announce an upcoming book tour.  A book trailer can be created for any stage of the writing process and to simply introduce yourself to your audience.
  • A book trailer can be created in a video creating database such as Promo, Lumen5, IGTV (for Instagram) or Vimeo. There are so many effective apps and online tools, these are just a few top resources.


  • Title
  • A well-designed book cover.
  • Release Date
  • Dates of the upcoming book tour
  • Location (offline or online)
  • Quick 2-minute overview by you (you are talking on camera or a voice over)
  • Specifics of where they can find and purchase.
  • Video platforms such as Promo, Lumen5, Vimeo and even Canva are great ways to make inexpensive videos. These resources are all low-cost or free and easy to navigate. For example, Canva is a great place for content development and video production. They have optimized graphics pulled from across the web and pre-made video clips.
  • Follow and build blogs – Follow other writers and business professionals. When you follow them, this will put eyes on your profile or page. Be sure to drop your links when you comment on someone’s post. Building your own blog is important but can be intimidating. WordPress, Wix, Strikingly and other similar websites have one pagers or websites where you can add a blog page or title. This puts your writing on your page and in front of your audience.  Remember to tie these links all back to your social page media channels by incorporating them into the article or blog.


  • Network online.  Join networking groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Join the Business Networking Institute (BNI), other genre networking groups or start your own group!
  • Run Campaigns.  Do paid and non-paid.  Incorporate Search engine optimization methods and keyword/hashtag strategies for your website and social channels. 
  • Get a drop box for file saving and sharing across the web with whomever you like!
  • Create an eBook (free or paid for online reading)
  • Look into self-publishing.
  • Do surveys to engage and find out who likes your work.
  • Think like the consumer, remember that is who you want to connect to!
  • Find good video tools.  There are some good ones listed above.


The world is at your fingertips. With one push of the button, you can search almost any subject and the internet will gift you with thousands or more results. The internet has been a blessing for those looking to market and get their world out there, so do not hold back! Make sure when that future consumer searches for your genre of writing, they will find you right on top.

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